Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tioga of Speedwell


My name is Tioga of Speedwell. My father is Merlin and my mother is Niksa. We are all part of the Speedwell Family of wolves now. I was born in April of 2006. At least I think that’s about right! You see I was two weeks old when my parents, my aunt and me were rescued. Thanks to the Wolf Sanctuary we now have a good home and lots of love and attention. Our rescue took place on May 5th 2006. What luck for us!

Since I was so young it was necessary for me to be separated from my father and mother and Kisha, my aunt. I think the rescue saved my life and Matthew; manager of the Sanctuary took me under his wing and gave me a really good start. He was so kind and gentle, even allowed me to sleep with him. You have to understand I was very small so it was easy for me to cuddle. To him I became family and we went for walks to visit my family through the fence of course. Matthew kept telling me that when I was released from the care of the vet I would go back to the territory where they were. Seemed like a good idea to me.

Seemed like a good idea to me because the attention I was receiving was great! As I was growing by leaps and bounds I met so many wonderful humans. They were volunteers at the Sanctuary and they treated me with much affection.

As I was growing up I kept getting stronger and bigger. After a time I slept on the floor right next to Matthew. I loved all of this but I longed to be near my father and mother. That had nothing to do with my love for my human family but after all I am a male wolf and wanted to run and play in a space that was provided where we would all be safe and free at the same time.

Let me tell you something about Matthew. He has a heart that is bigger than life itself. We became friends right from the beginning and I always felt safe and warm around him. He welcomed me into his world with friendship and training that agreed to the upbringing that my parents would accept when I returned to the pack. He will always be my special friend.

Finally, I am back with my parents and aunt. They took me in as though I had never been gone. Have to admit there were moments of fright when discipline by my dad was to me a bit strange but I learned very quickly to respond to his demands. Also, for the record he was gentle but firm and I have learned. Must admit: I am very frisky and when my human friends come into the pen with us I can get a bit rough. I like to climb up to their faces and nibble.

To explain: I am now fully grown and even bigger than my dad and he is quite the big wolf. I love my family and I enjoy barking at the tourists when they visit for tours. It’s so wonderful to be free and have so many friends. I even converse with the other wolves in different areas. Our boundaries are quite beautiful and sometimes I even hide so that Matthew has to search for me. It’s great fun. My heritage has been quite good to me and I really love attention both from my human friends and especially my family!

Actually I could go on and on about the territory and our freedom. It must have been very difficult for my parents being trapped in such a small living area before but I feel so lucky to have been given this fantastic chance for a really good life with my family and the humans who love me. We know we are safe and one other thing: I love chewing on large deer bones with meat. It’s the greatest.

Must go now, I am being playfully attacked by my aunt. Hope you will come to see me!