Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yule by the Fire

Full Moon tour was a hit! We had many visitors come out although it was a cool evening! The weather worked with us, it was a beautiful clear sky and although it was cold there was no wind. Many visitors brought cocoa or coffee to drink by the bon fire. We had chairs set out and through most of the night they were full. The carolers did a great job mixing holiday music with contemporary music as many visitors sang along. After the Carolers were done, we even had a visitor that brought her guitar and sang! The wolves were active enjoying the light of the moon and the cooler weather… If you have been a past visitor, now’s the time to stop back out and see your favorite Wolf as they are growing their winter coats. As they get full, they look a bit different! Can you spot the differences? Some have more red, and others a bit grayer… but all of them are getting very fluffy! So a great big thank you to everyone that came out to enjoy the full moon tour, remember the next one is coming up on January 15, hope to see you then!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Yule with the Wolves! 2010

Falalalala lala la laaaaaa....Picture this... Joyous songs of the holidays, a roaring bonfire to toast your toes or marshmellows and the deep howl of wolves calling out to the full moon.... Sound like your kind of fun? Well then you won't want to miss our "Caroling by the fire" event, Saturday, December 18th at 7:30-10 PM!!! What could be more festive then listening to Christmas Carols in the cool of the night by a roaring bonfire? Come out, get in that holiday spirit while showing your support of our wolves. There will be cookies and cakes, hot chocolate and coffee for all to enjoy. Bring marshmellows and toast them over the fire. Join in with our Carolers as they fill the night with their voices. I bet it wont be long until the wolves will sing with them, a cheerful tone indeed. Dress warmly, bring friends, lawn chairs and festive attitude to this night you wont want to miss. Please remember children 16 and older please.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November 27th

What a great turn out today for the Wolf tour! Every time we thought there couldn’t possibly be another car, sure enough there was! A lot of new visitors seem to find us every week, many from right near by Cornwall, Lititz and Lancaster and then from further away New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland…. Seems wolf fans are finding us from all over! We have visitors stopping by to do their holiday shopping: T-shirts, tote bags and wolf prints are among their favorites, well, along with the wolf adoption. That’s always a highlight! You go on the tour, choose your favorite wolf, then adopt them and receive a picture, information about your wolf and a certificate. Many visitors are giving the adoptions as a Christmas present…. I love to watch the children when they come back from the tour and they are so excited to share their knowledge about their favorite wolf. Thor and Chipper were favorites this weekend. Which one is your favorite?

November 20th

It was a great night to to come out for the full moon tour to see the Wolves. What a beautiful night it was… The weather was perfect and the crowd was plentiful. Many of the visitors brought lawn chairs and coffee to sit by the bon fire and share their favorite wolf stories. There was music playing softly and even the wolves were happy to sing along as they howled into the night. My favorite part of the night was walking out to see the big wolf pack as the moon was HUGE and lit up the sky. The full moon tours are a beautiful opportunity that you won’t want to miss. It’s a good thing the full moon comes around every month! Check out the next one on December 18th!