Saturday, April 19, 2014

Girls in the Big Pack

So its that time of year again, when the ladies get restless. The fight began and ended with Trinity being removed as Alpha and Sarge coming out as the new alpha. Chomp was collateral damage. She got pretty beat up, and was banished from the pack for a few weeks. She called to her pack mates, but for the most they let her alone to heal. Trinity would check on her from time to time, but she too stayed with the pack more than not.

Last week, Trinity took back her position as Alpha. The girls are getting along again. Trinity is back in the saddle and has placed Sarge on notice. Sarge is paying due respect to her ladyship. Chomp is healing, but has joined the pack. She is no longer staying alone at the bottom of the hill crying softly and wishing for company and a shoulder to lay her sore head on.

Hormones run high and tempers get short this time of year. But I think we are through the worst.

Friday, April 18, 2014


To some they are just animals behind a fence.  To others they are a mystery worth exploring.  To us they are a nation unto themselves.  They do not command respect, but I give it without question.  If you could see with your heart, you would learn to live.  If you could hear with your soul you would understand the knowledge in their eyes.

Lakota, heavy with this life's scares you lived with your sisters.  You listened to their quarrels and their fears and you gave them your love and understanding.  They picked on you often, and yet you gave them your love unconditionally.  Your sisters miss you.  We miss you, and we are sad when we walk past your home and you are not there to great us with your shy self.

It takes me days, weeks sometimes months to say farewell, and I am sorry this farewell comes on the heals of another.  To those that rescue, you know our pain.  To those that love animals, you know our pain.  To those that live with animals, you know our pain.  You also know our joys and repose. We are bound together....

Lakota, I know in my heart you run with the rest of your pack.  I believe that you are happy and free of these earthly bonds that hold us grounded and keep us form joining you.

Bless us as we wait our turn and do the best we can as we move along life's journey.  We shall not seek to hurry to the bridge yet sometimes as we sleep we are shown glimmers of color and yearn to feel the warmth in good time.  We will see you again my sister.  

Our dearest Lakato died December 26, 2013.