Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enclosure UP

Wow, can you believe it is November already.  Time moves on way to fast for me.  The new enclosure for Liberty, Sky, Jasper and hopefully Rogue is up.  If weather will cooperate we will get the dig fence done and covered, put in a little house for them and release them into their new home.As I type Brian is up there completing the installation of the did fence.  Darin needs tracks for his skid loader so he can move around without sliding down the hill.  Always something, isn't it?  :)

Thank you to Darin, Matt (new volunteer!), and Brian for working so hard to get that done.  Thank you to everyone of our gracious and caring members and donors for the funds to make this possible in such a short time.

Without your donations and visits to the sanctuary this would NOT be possible.  Well I gotta go, my guests should be here soon to eat breakfast at the Speedwell Forge B&B.  Then we have a tour at 10am today and I am running register.

I will get back to you soon with an update.  Howl for now!  D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food for thought

kasey asks: how is that blind one doing i forget his name.   will the one thats one your tsherts i forgot his name to.. will he ever be with his brother again since the fight????  and how is that pup that you had in the back that was not in a pack.... last time i was there that pup barked and howled and i hope you find a pack for him :)

Hi Kasey!  we have two blind ones, Thor and Loci.  Thor lives with Lucky and Loci lives with the six pack in the back.  Both are doing well, and seem much more relaxed now that fall is upon us.  The one on the t-shirt is Billy and he is doing very very good too.  I don't know if he will ever be reunited with  his brother, they still growl at each other through the fence.  We don't want to move to fast at taking that fence out of the way.  what ever happened between them was very bad.  They don't seem to be over the argument yet.  The pup you are taking about what she light almost blond in color or grey and very big?  Well look forward to corresponding with you again.  Thank you for caring about wildlife.  Keep up the learning and visit when you can!  Dawn

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Glacier and Beau

I am sorry to say this comes late. Sometimes I just can't find the words. A knot still forms in my throat when I force myself to dwell. It is hard to believe that our friends have passed on. The summer comes to us as if it has never left and we bid a painful farewell to yet two more friends.

I find that the words do not come to me so easily. I want so eloquently to say my goodbyes as they did live...

Glacier, the coolness of your name; the whiteness of your mane did not convey the warmth of your spirit and the sweetness in your eyes. We will forever miss you our gentle giant.

Charbonneau or Beau if you will as known to your family and friends. What can I say...you lead a wild and elusive life among the trees on the back 20. Not many sanctuary visitors had the pleasure of your level gaze. We shall think of you often.

Alas they traveled together to the great forest. Free to roam as two males should, seeking pleasure as they see fit. In my minds eye when the night is quiet I see you running as only now you can. Leaping and frolicking on trails long gone your family in your wake howling and laughing. Wait! Wait!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chipper cries

and we cry with him. February 3rd 2012 Chipper's best friend and long time companion Glacier, and his father Charbonneau have left this carbon plain. It is very still here today, but for a lone cry so heart wrenching. Over and over his cry's are heard through the night. Morning finds our little Chipper in a tight little ball still and exhausted. The pain in that voice so so very heavy.

I will wait a bit to say my goodbye...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pardon my venting

We are a non profit corporation. We receive no government or corporate assistance or funding. The sanctuary has been open since 1980, and has cared for 100s of wolves and hybrids.

We have an information center at the Sanctuary. In the last 12 months we have been trying to upgrade the information center. We want to be as efficient as we can. It was suggested that I get a cash register for the center. SOOOOO I did. Okay it took me a year to get around to programming it, ONLY to find the Sharp ECR XE-A41S is not supported by the company that sells it. Nor do they have a fix for the soft ware. They simply decided to discontinue the model and sorry about your luck if you want to use it. You can not use your PC unless its and XP or Vista model and heaven forbid if your computer is 64 bit. That simply will not do. You must stay in the dark ages if you wish to use a Sharp cash register.

So I am stuck with this piece of scat, unless I want to spend another several hundred dollars of money I would rather use to feed my wolves!

I am staring at the ceiling while I write this so I don't emit words of profanity. OHHHHHHHHHH what should I do to SHARP corporation. I don't want anyone to EVER buy another Sharp instrument or product. If you even get an urge to do this send the money here instead.

The wolves will definitely be able to use it and they will not be out dated and antiquated when you come to visit them.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gray Wolf

The gray wolf was once found through most of North America. But by the time the Endangered Species Act became law in 1973, the wolf was gone from the Rocky Mountains, having been exterminated by shooting, tapping and poisoning. Over the past 30 years, the ESA has helped increase wolf numbers in the Northern Rockies. But, Congress just acted to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List in the Northern Rockies. This marks the first time in history that a species was delisted by legislators, threatening the future of the gray wolf and the Endangered Species Act itself.
Sierra Club founded 1982