Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wolf Awareness Day -- Year Two

We spent more than a week preparing for wolf awareness day and everything was ready and set by Friday night. I am so proud of my staff and volunteers, they are amazing! Then just as we were finished.....the rain and the wind started, came and went until 4 or so and then poured nonstop until every one left. It was a great day none the less!!!! We had cooks and stands and activities for the children and native Americans and wood carvers and tours and we entertained around 30 guests throughout the day.....not one of my people complained and everyone involved gave 1000 percent. If you didn't make it you missed an amazing day! Stay tuned for other large events we have throughout the year and as always we appreciate your support, this place works because good people like you love our animals.

Matt Swaner, manager/caretaker


Charley Simko said...

Awesome blog!!!! Keep up the good work!

skyman said...

love annimal that love ourself.