Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meet Kuzco!

Here at Wolf Sanctuary of PA we rescue wolves and wolf-dogs of all shapes and sizes - even the floppy-eared ones!  At first glance, the newest member of the Speedwell family may not look like a wolf, but he has all the behavioral traits and strength that you might expect from a young male wolf-dog.

Despite his lab-like looks, Kuzco's genetics contain wolf DNA, giving him extreme jaw pressure, a thick double coat of fur, and a strong pack mentality, which caused him to exhibit severe separation anxiety at his former home.  While he was well-loved growing up, Kuzco, like many other wolf-dogs we have seen, eventually outgrew his human household.  Now, he has his very own pack-mates, Shawnee and Princess, and he is taking in all of the wonderful sights, scents, and sounds of his new surroundings.

Schedule a Private Tour to see how Kuzco is faring in his new hillside forest territory with pack mates Shawnee and Princess!  You can also support Kuzco through our Adopt a Wolf program by symbolically adopting him.

As always, thank you for your support and interest!  Come visit us soon!


Jessica wARNER said...

One beautiful animal! Welcome Kuzco! You're the best place for you.

Ruth Ann said...

We'd all like to know more about hybrid wolf-dog breed and where he came from?